BC Bad Driver of the Week 4

Bad DriverI'll partially attribute this to the driver as he has some stake in how he continues to drive when his passenger is in an obviously risky position. In the event of an airbag deployment this person will suffer significant injury. It may only include loss of part of her feet as shown in the link below the video, but isn't that serious enough?



Not many would think of that, though.

I doubt if most people - and they're often as not young women with nice legs, come to think of it - would even think of the danger from the airbag, it wouldn't compute.

Fact is, just sitting in that kind of supine position in a car without airbags would be likely to cause a passenger to submarine below the lap belt with potentially horrible internal injuries in the event of a hard crash into an object ahead.


Unrelated, but pehaps relevant: did you know that those right-hand steering wheels we associate with Driving School cars have to be removeable for Road Tests?

Driving Schools have them installed in their vehicles as teaching/safety tools, ironically, as well as Instructor gas pedals in some instances.  But all they're required to do is provide an Instructor brake pedal and additional rearview mirror, along with the Student Driver sign on the back.

But you see, some ICBC Drive Examiners were concerned that an airbag deployment might be dangerous to their own safety (me, I would just rely on my eyes and the extra brake to prevent it happening).

And even though ICBC have done tests that don't show any particular danger of the right hand steering column/wheel catastrophically moving in the event of airbag deployment, they decided to introduce a regulation that demands the removal of these right-hand steering wheels for Road Test purposes.

I guess their Driver Examiners must need extra special protection, although this isn't deemed necessary for the Driving Instructors who spend most of their lives sitting there with individuals operating the vehicle who actually haven't learn to drive yet ... 

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