BC Bad Driver of the Week - 790PLE and HP7527

This video, submitted by Orang Gila features two drivers in Port Moody, B.C. He describes the incident: "1st vehicle 790PLE Black BMW overtaking from right and speeding between vehicles. 2nd Vehicle HP7527 Black Dodge Ram chases him until traffic light. Then almost causes accident. NOT distracted driving, I'm sure!"


BC Bad Driver of the Week - 790PLE and HP7527

Wow.  Looks like these two are competing for a Darwin award.

Holy batman...

The BMW needs to lose the license for a whole year for this right hand pass and a lane split.
The Dodge needs an expensive "driving without consideration" ticket.

Video evidence is right here ^^

3rd bad driver?

...and what's with the the black BMW that's in the far left lane, turning perpendicular to traffic, to try to drive across the lane in the front of the pickup?  Is that the same car as was shown in the earlier portion of the clip, speeding along and randomly passing vehicles?

Playing to much GTA V and forgetting that the consequences aren't just another $5,000 hospital bill, and they're off to the races again.  I suppose it's a blessing that they aren't shooting at one another.

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