BC Bad Driver of the Week - Slow Down, Move Over, Fail!

This video shows at least three drivers in the right hand lane who fail to slow down and move over for a service truck showing flashing yellow lights working on a breakdown at the roadside. There was at least 20 seconds of lead time to recognize the situation and react to it before passing the stopped vehicles. Space did exist in the left hand lane to move over into as traffic was light at the time.

Maintaining a prudent 3 second following distance, in this case approximately 75 meters (90 km/h = 25 m/sec) or 250 feet, leaves plenty of room to allow traffic in the adjacent lane to move over and for drivers to react to the need to slow down.




My bad driver of the week was a police officer!

I'm a bit dismayed by how often, when I move to the left lane and lift off the gas, following drivers respond by immediately switching lanes to the right, in order to get by without having to slow down.

On the other hand, I was merging into Hwy 1 eastbound from Willingdon yesterday, and traffic was totally choked on the freeway, as vehicles in all lanes except the HOV were crawling. A couple of hundred meters further on, the cause was clear - an RCMP Highway Patrol officer had pulled over a guy in a pickup truck for some reason, and the miscreant had stopped on the shoulder, well to the right - just the way you should.

The cop could easily have postitioned his unmarked pickup truck (why do they even need those?) with the red and blue lights flashing in the leftmost portion of the shoulder, in such a manner that he was protected from traffic by his own vehicle, as he spoke with the driver.

Instead, he had parked hs vehicle in the right hand lane, blocking it completely and forcing all drivers to move over. Completely unnecessary! And unsafe, compared to allowing the traffic to flow steadily instead of going through a venturi.

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