Christmas Gift Suggestions

Christmas WreathNothing says "Merry Christmas" like safety equipment! No, I'm not totally crazy, yet. I just like to give gifts that are potentially really useful to those I give them to. Often they are not items that people consider buying for themselves, and potentially give a huge return in the future when breakdowns are coped with and injuries are avoided.

For the motorist may I suggest a package of road flares, some safety triangles, a basic tool set, a tire gauge, jumper cables, a tow rope, a flashlight, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, emergency blanket, or an auto club membership.

For your favourite cyclist, perhaps a new helmet, a set of reflectors, a light set, a tire repair or tool kit, or a piece of cycling clothing with reflective stripes sewn in.

Don't forget those who like to jog or walk for their health. They might appreciate some clothing with reflective striping, a clip on flashing light, or a flashlight.

Gifts don't have to be practical, but what do you expect from a column on traffic issues? All of these suggestions can be relatively inexpensive themselves but pay dividends if they are needed in an emergency. Like the Boy Scouts or Girl Guides, it is best to "be prepared."



What a great idea.

my wife would be overjoyed to get something so thoughtful, rather than last years chainsaw and the previous years aluminum polishing supplies.


IFIXCATS Mobile Heavy Equipment Repair.

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