Wildlife Collisions

Deer Crossing SignI'm not a hunter, but I have shot more deer than I ever wanted to during my career in traffic enforcement. These animals had been hit by a vehicle and were most often left at the roadside to die. When I was called it was usually by those that happened along afterward rather than the driver that hit them.

It's not a rare occurrence on our highways, with about 4,700 wild animals reported killed each year. About 80% of that total are deer. People suffer too, with 2 being killed and 670 injured in animal related collisions in 2015.

Before the repeal of the Highway Act, it was unlawful to leave a dead animal within 100 feet of the center of the highway. Today, only the Wildlife Act requires that a driver promptly notify the police or a conservation officer if a wild animal is killed or injured and give the location of the animal.

Oh, and while I am on the subject, please slow down and use caution when you drive in areas frequented by wildlife!


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