Suspension of License?

I recently got a ticket for excessive speeding on SW Marine Dr where it was changing from 80km to 60km.

I was speeding and it sucked seeing my car get towed away. I was just wondering if my license  would get suspended. I have my N and I have never had a ticket before.

The officer was even surprised that I have never got a ticket before. He even told me to dispute it.

As well, what do I write for the reason for disputing and how do I confront this thing. I am not too sure what to say

Not looking good

You are almost guarenteed to receive a licence suspention upon conviction for excessive speed as a Novice driver.


The Driver Improvement Program guidelines are what RoadSafetyBC uses to determine if you will be suspended / prohibited or not.

There is a lot of information about ticket disputes in the Traffic Tickets and Traffic Court sections of the forum.

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