CASE LAW - R v Gleeson

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis is a road rage incident that occurred near Saanich starting on McKenzie Avenue near Glanford Avenue and proceeding westbound. A pickup truck driven by Adam Gleeson engaged with a car driven by Ms. Kirkpatrick in what could be described as an episode of road rage culminating in Mr. Gleeson pulling up beside Ms. Kirkpatrick and spitting on her. This resulted in Mr. Gleeson being charged with assault and dangerous driving.

After a trial, Justice Brecknell found Mr. Gleeson guilty of assault for spitting on Ms. Kirkpatrick, imposing a conditional discharge with a 9 month period of probation and acquitted him on the dangerous driving charge:

There was no doubt that the defendant's driving was at times aggressive and discourteous. That type of driving may have amounted to an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act.

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