DriveSmartBC User Accounts

Unfortunately, it only takes a few to make life miserable for others. Currently, attempts by spammers to create and use accounts on the site vastly outnumber legitimate requests. Because of this, I have disabled the automated user account creation system on the site.

You are still more than welcome to e-mail and ask for a user account and I would be pleased to create one for you manually. Simply send an e-mail using the Contact link at the top left of the page. Tell me what you would like to use for your user name and I will notify you when your account has been created. Please do not send me your preferred password! You will set that password when you receive the login information for your new account.

If you do not specify a user name I will try and choose something appropriate for you.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

As part of your new account you will be invited to receive the weekly DriveSmartBC newsletter. If you do not wish to subscribe to it, simply delete the e-mail invitation.

NOTE: You accept your user account by clicking the one time link in the e-mail announcing your new account and setting your password. All users agree to receiving e-mails from the webmaster concerning their account status and any post that you may make to this site.

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