OPINION - Means Tested Ticket Penalties

SoapboxVictoria's CFAX 1070 radio personality Ryan Price speaks with Saanich councillor Teale Phelps-Bondaroff to discuss means tested ticket penalties - the practice of basing the amount of a driver's penalties to their personal income.

Commercial Vehicles - Meeting a Wide Load

Pilot VehicleCould you do an article on wide commercial loads when a pilot car is used? The reason I am asking is that I almost got run down once when a wide load came over into my lane, oncoming, to swing wide in order to make a right turn. Understandable, except there was no warning because the pilot car had already made the turn and was nowhere in sight.

WEBINAR - Driving Toward a Stronger Road Safety Culture

Road Safety at Work LogoRoad Safety at Work is offering a free one hour long webinar titled "Driving Toward a Stronger Road Safety Culture." Having a strong road safety culture is vital to the success of an organization’s road safety program. It’s more than just the sum of their procedures, training, supervision, and communications – it’s the foundation that determines how all those measures translate into preventing motor vehicle crashes.

CASE LAW - Borgford v Ball

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Borgford v Ball involves a collision at the intersection of 190 Street and 34A Avenue in Surrey. Although the speed limit was 50 km/h, both drivers were travelling at about 90 km/h. Ms. Borgford was operating a Dodge Avenger westbound on 34A Avenue and Ms. Ball was operating a Dodge Ram 2500 northbound on 190 Street.

Hitch Mounted Bike Racks

Bike RackI have a question about rear hitch mounted bike racks which are readily available in stores. We use one with 4 bikes on it for our family and when the 4 bikes are loaded they obstruct the view of the rear licence plate, brake lights and turn signals. The corner lights can be seen through the spokes of the bike wheels but not clearly. Any opinion on this because these are widely used?

ICBC - Rejected Personalized Plates in 2022

ICBC LogoICBC declined 3,135 of 9,467 personalized licence plate applications in 2022. Applications are rejected if they don't meet guidelines and criteria or if they're deemed objectionable. For instance, if they're discriminatory, sexually suggestive, abusive or derogatory in any language.

VIDEO - Vancouver's Worst Drivers: January 15, 2023

VideoVancouver's Worst Drivers is a YouTube channel that features submitted dash cam video from BC's Lower Mainland highlighting examples of terrible driving. The videos show collisions, people being dumb behind the wheel, people having no idea how rules of the road work, pedestrians doing stupid things, along with rants on things that drive the channel author nuts about other drivers.

Trade Your Ticket for Driver Training

Mortar Board"You don't care about safety! All you guys want to do is suck money out of my pocket!" Here was a speeder that was very definite in his opinion and not afraid to state it. He was wrong, I did care about safety, but my traffic cop toolbox didn't contain many officially sanctioned options for dealing with it.

CASE LAW - Niyokuku v Cheasley

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Niyokuku v Cheasley arose from a collision on 76 Avenue at the north exit of the Real Canadian Superstore in Surrey. Ms. Niyokuku turned westbound from the parking lot into the first through lane.

VIDEO - Road Guy Rob on Traffic Calming Gone Wrong

VideoRoad Guy Rob is a civil engineer who delights in explaining traffic engineering to the public. Although he is based in California, some of the information contained in his videos applies equally well here in British Columbia. In this episode he looks at a traffic calming project that went wrong. He asks the question "Have you ever seen a street get a DUI?"

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