Driving Attitude

Exclamation"Haven't you got anything better to do?" This was a common response from drivers after being told that they had been stopped for a traffic rule infraction. "Why aren't you out catching real criminals?"

I'm not sure they believed me when I told them that they were more likely to suffer financial loss, physical injury or death through the operation of their motor vehicles than they were from all the other criminal actions combined. Add to this fact that motor vehicle collisions are the number one cause of death for our young people and you begin to see how thoughtless these statements really are.

What these statements really meant to me is that I was dealing with a driver that either didn't care about themselves and other road users or weren't willing to accept responsibility for their actions.

Ask any driver to candidly rate their driving capability and it will be rare to find someone that thinks that they are less than better than average. By definition, half of us must be less than average. So, how do we get the lower half to realize this, much less do something about it?

I wish I had that answer for you!

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This is one of the Most Important

Aspects of safe driving,,ATTITUDE,,,So I finally found out once I actually learned to drive,,,some 20 years after having my licence.

And the worse part is looking back at that first 20 years,When I was the Best Driver (IN MY MIND) I knew Everything and who was anybody else to tell me,Including an officer,,after all I was the better driver,,right?

Wow,,I wish I could pass that on to beginners,but the problem there is they are just as human as you were,,remember back,,and they are the ones now that know more than you do......

Then after 20 years of takeing to finally catching on, and now being a professional all to realize that all these bad drivers that are getting to YOU NOW,,because now you do know how to drive,Just goes to prove that those 20 years it took to learn to be a Professional JUST WENT OUT THE WINDOW,,,,YES,, Because now YOU are also a BAD DRIVER,,allowing EMOTION to CLOUD YOUR JUDGMENT and ATTITUDE,

What a Realization,,,Once it Finnaly Happens, (IF IT FINALLY HAPPENS) Hope it happens.

Try passing that on,,and I wish I had an answer as well,,I am thinking of that answer by the way,seriously, and if it ever comes to me how to pass that on to a 16 year old,or any other driver,,I will be the first to tell you.Because the only person I know forsure that understands this NOW besides me is the person who does the DRIVESMART BC Websight.  OR tell me I,m wrong,,I can take it now,,I,m a Human.

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