PSYCHOLOGY - Driving Personality Test

Road RageThis 60 question test from the folks at Psychology Today magazine will present you with your driving strengths and weaknesses when you complete it. The site suggests that it takes 20 minutes to complete, but I managed to get through it in about 10 minutes without rushing. Answer honestly and see how you rate as a safe or risky driver.


Apparently ... 

Snapshot Report
Road Rage
According to your score, you are one calm, cool driver. You don't appear to be the type to jeopardize your own mental and physical well-being, and you certainly don't endanger the lives of others with whom you share the road. Even in circumstances that would send many drivers into a blinding rage, you manage to control your temper and practice a little patience, preferring to let things go rather than exact revenge. This is good news, as many experts believe that road rage may be on the brink of becoming an epidemic. With more people like you on the road, the streets would be a much safer place! Well done!