CASE LAW - MacEachern v Rennie

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis case decides liability after a collision between a cyclist and a large commercial truck. Christina MacEachern was riding or walking beside a bicycle along the King George Highway in Surrey, B.C. She was opposing traffic on the shoulder of the roadway which was narrow due to vehicles parked next to it. John Rennie was driving a truck tractor pulling a shipping container on a container trailer. As Rennie passed MacEachern she came into contact with the trailer and suffered a severe head injury that left her incapable of caring for herself.

Ultimately the blame was apportioned 80% against Mr. Rennie and 20% against Ms. MacEachern. The interesting points in the decision include an examination of the duties of both the driver and the cyclist as well as who the other parties involved were and how they might have been involved in liability for the collision.


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