CASE LAW - Murdoch v Biggers

BC Courts Coat of ArmsA green light doesn't always mean go unless you've had a good look to make sure that there are no hazards present before you proceed. Jennifer Biggers learned this when the vehicle she was driving collided with Carol Murdoch, who was crossing quickly in a marked crosswalk against a red light.

The judgment examines both the duty of the driver to keep a proper lookout and that the pedestrian must obey controls and not move from a place of safety into traffic. Liability was apportioned 75% to the pedestrian and 25% to the driver for the collision.


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Lucky for me

I don,t concider Green lights as the  right of way, without looking for who is supposed to stop at a RED. I recently saved an Accident,with an Officer on a CELL phone,,,running a Red light,infront of me. Close to T-boning her in the drivers door.

So I am Curious,,If I had hit her ( a police officer) Would I also have recived a % of the blame. Exspesally since They are Exempt from the distracted driving law?

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