CASE LAW - R v Alexander

BC Courts Coat of ArmsBrian Alexander was stopped for excessive speeding in Kamloops, B.C. He was issued a traffic ticket for excessive speed and police attempted to impound his vehicle for seven days as required by the Motor Vehicle Act. Mr. Alexander responded that he had no intention of giving up his vehicle, sat inside it and refused to get out when required to do so by the officer.Backup was called and ultimately Mr. Alexander was arrested, exited his vehicle and the impound took place. A charge of obstructing a peace officer was preferred and Mr. Alexander was convicted.


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This Guy on Glue?

A nice simple MVA ticket turned into all this,,What Planet did this guy come from?

Well good for him,Now he has a Criminal Record to follow him for the rest of his life,Instaed of just a fine and points.

I bet all the Officers were Shaking their Heads the whole time wondering what this guy was trying to prove.

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