CASE LAW - R v Shafer

BC Courts Coat of ArmsIan Shafer used to live in Las Vegas, Nevada and had licensed his car there. He moved to Oak Bay, B.C. but had not obtained a BC driver's license or BC license plates and insurance at the time he was stopped for speeding by police in Victoria. He was issued a traffic ticket for speeding, not having a BC driver's license and operating an uninsured vehicle. He pled guilty to speeding and not guilty to the other two counts.

There are two points of interest in this case. The first is how the court decided that Shafer was ordinarily resident in BC and was required to obtain a BC driver's license. The second is whether Shafer knew that he was not properly insured and consequently guilty of operating an uninsured vehicle.



Alberta plates in BC

It has come to my attention that many people from Alberta are keeping their Alberta plates while living here in BC. Even my neighbour did this for over 6 months after moving here, their excuse was that it was insured and they would change when they expired. I was under the impression that if you lived here you had to get plates and insurance here. This must be allright as I never see the RCMP ever check this out. I often go to work at 5.30am and see many cars/trucks driving along with me do you think they are going to the beach??? One only needs to go to YLW just before the flight to Fort McMurray or returning and see the Alberta plates...

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