Keep Back From the Track!

Railroad Crossing Warning SignThese photos were taken of a collision between CN locomotive 5461 and a parked car in North Vancouver at Barrow Street and Harbour Avenue. The driver of the car had chosen to parallel park too close to the tracks and was struck by the train as it passed.

Train vs Car Collision 1

The photographer advised that the driver was irate and almost threatening to the train crew. This was likely due to the driver being upset with himself for parking too close to the track.

The locomotive was definitely the winner in this side swipe!

Train - Car Collision 2

I contacted CN for advice and despite asking the same question in multiple forms was not able to get an answer about the minimum safe distance for parking beside the tracks. They stated that CN's property lines are generally 15.2 m (50') on either side, starting from the center line of the track. "Unauthorized access, including parking cars, constitutes trespass and can pose serious safety risks."

For more railway safety information, please visit the Operation Lifesaver web site.