ROAD SAFETY AT WORK - Preventing Work Related Crashes

Road Safety at Work LogoAccording to Road Safety at Work every year, on average, 19 workers are killed and 1,319 are injured and miss time from work due to motor vehicle crashes. Vehicles used for work are considered to be part of the workplace regardless of who owns the vehicle. This means that both the employer and the employee have a responsibility to be safe.

Employers must:

  • Identify road safety hazards and assess motor vehicle crash risk for their workers.
  • Develop and implement road safety policies, procedures and programs.
  • Confirm vehicles are fit for purpose, regularly inspected, and properly maintained.
  • Provide workers with instructions, training, supervision and the monitoring necessary to ensure their safety when they’re behind the wheel.

Workers must:

  • Follow company road safety policies, procedures and programs.
  • Understand and obey traffic laws.

Road Safety at Work is an initiative led by WorkSafeBC, managed by the Justice Institute of BC, and supported by various partner agencies and industries. On offer are free online resources and courses — as well as workshops, webinars and advisory services — to help organizations plan, implement and monitor effective road safety programs, such as:

For more information visit the Road Safety at Work web site to access free resources, training and services.



As a class 1 driver, if I am behind the wheel of my semi, the highway is my workplace.

climbing through the snow shed on the first hard pull on the Coq, I was gaining on another set of B trains, and a long time before I caught him I am watching thes 5 guys on bikes, they were on the shoulder, and now they are going to pass me. (Electric bikes, and I am doing like 30 kmh)

that prevents me from overtaking the slower truck. What they hell are these guys doing on the highway in the first place? No plates and insurance? Stay of the road. And I mean any road. I've blown a gasket on this site once before about unlicensed vehicles disrupting the flow of traffic. They are interfering with the performance of my duties, at my work.

 I'd better stop now before I really get rolling.

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