VIDEO - Log Truck Rollover and Seatbelt Safety

video iconThis video was produced by the Trucking Advisory Group of the BC Forest Safety Council. The introduction states "Log truck driver, Adrian Sunduk, shares his story of how a seat belt saved his life. Before attending an Anatomy of a Rollover session, he had never worn a seat belt off highway because he had always planned to jump out of the truck if ever he got into a situation … See what convinced him that he was wrong and how wearing a seat belt saved his life."


Always wear mine.

Funny some truckers attitudes when it comes to seat belts, I wore mine every time but was told/asked  by many truckers I didn't need it. I thought if something were to happen in such a large vehicle compared to a car or pick up, wouldn't  I actually need it more. If a semi flipped, can you imagine getting thrown around inside that? That's like shaking a fly in a jar, not a good outcome. Maybe these drivers just figured nothing could ever happen, or like this log truck driver, they would jump. Good video BTW.

Seat belt excuses

Over the years of training and coaching I have done I keep hearing the same excuse over and over again. "I heard of a guy that drown because he was wearing a seat belt so that's why I don't wear one". They don't consider the thousands and thousands of people that have actually been saved by seat belts, they focus on one "alleged" case of someone drowning as their justification.

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