CVSA - International Roadcheck 2024

CVSA Logo imageWe are in the middle of a three day international roadcheck of commercial vehicles conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). The effort is meant to be a high visibility check of regulatory compliance by commercial transport.

2024 Focus

There will be two focus areas in this year's roadcheck which are tractor protection systems and drug (including alcohol) possession.

Tractor Protection

This is part of the vehicle's airbrake system and consists of the tractor protection valve, trailer supply valve and anti-bleed back valve. All three of these are required to have been tested as part of the driver's daily trip inspection.

Drug Possession

CVSA inspectors will observe the driver at the roadside for signs of drug use or impairment. The vehicle will be examined for the presence of controlled substances and driver's licences will be checked to insure that drivers have not been prohibited for using these substances.

Who Are The Inspectors?

Certified law enforcement personnel conduct the inspections. Here in BC this would be the traffic police and Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE).

What Is Inspected?

Commercial vehicles selected will be subject to the North American Standard Inspection.

This is a thorough check of the driver, all required paperwork and mechanical fitness of the vehicle. 

Roadcheck Results

Results of the roadcheck are published each summer. The results of last year's check are available to the public.

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