CVSE - Ride Hail Vehicle Identification

BC LogoCommercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement has announced that Transportation Network Services (aka: ride hailing) vehicles may now be equipped with identification signs in much the same manner as a taxi sign.

The use of these signs is restricted to when a vehicle is in service and available to the public for pick up only. Using such a sign is permitted in BC provided that it meets all of the following requirements:

  • Must not exceed 20 cm in height and 19.5 cm in width and length;
  • Installation components must adequately secure the device to the vehicle and the location of the device must not interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle;
  • The device must not have any moving parts;
  • The device must be constructed of a diffusion material and be used for the purpose of identifying the TNS motor vehicle and NOT for the purpose of advertisement;
  • The internal lighting component must display uniformly diffused, non-flashing white light of not more than 32 watts;
  • May present a colour, other than which meets the specifications noted in condition 5, only when stationary and during a pick-up, advising a customer of the TNS/Ride-Hail vehicle;
  • The device display must be static;
  • The lighting control level to be set in a tamper-proof manner;
  • Equipped with a control switch accessible to the vehicle operator while in a normal seated position; and
  • The device must not replicate any type of emergency vehicle, emergency vehicle lighting, traffic control device or traffic sign.

Should any further information be required, contact Geoff Ford, Manager, Vehicle Inspections & Standards at (250) 953 4008

How would one go about getting the CVSE to approve something like this? I sell something quite similar to volunteer first responders for the purpose of identifying their vehicle while respond to the hall, responding to the scene or while they are on the scene. I also make one that is non-illuminated. Would it also face restrictions, or just the illuminated ones? 

The illuminated one is about 4" x 10" and the non-illuminated ones are 14x8"

The last sentence of the article contains the information that you require.