NEWS - Changes to Tire Chain Rules

tire chain signEffective immediately, the rules governing the use of tire chains on commercial vehicles traveling on BC highways have been made more extensive and the penalties for failing to follow them are under consideration and will become more expensive later this winter.

There are now two categories of commercial vehicle for the purposes of the regulation: vehicles weighing less than 11,794 kg (26,000 lbs) and 11,794 kg or more. Steel tire chains will be the only acceptable traction devices for the latter. The former may use steel chains, cable chains, automatic chains, socks or wheel sanders if not equipped with winter tires.

Also from the press release:

The BC Trucking Association (BCTA) supports government’s enhancements to commercial chain-up requirements, including the stiffer fines for those not compliant,” said Dave Earle, president and CEO of the BCTA. “Safety of our drivers and all road users is our first priority.”

Chain Up Status Reports keep drivers up to date on where the use of tire chains are required and are updated regularly as conditions change.


Interesting there seems to be no distinction between a tandem single trailer and a tridem,which carries 27% more weight.