A Happy Story about Older Drivers

Smiley FaceThank you to everyone who responded to my request for a positive topic to write about!

I heard from both a driving school instructor and a senior on this one, which is the idea that many older drivers take their driving responsibilities very seriously. So seriously in fact, that some choose to stop driving through their own choice rather than because they are forced to.

The senior told me about how one of her children was concerned and felt that mom should no longer be driving. Her response to this really made me smile. She made an appointment with a driving school and had her driving skills tested by an expert. She was told that she was driving properly and that there was no reason for her daughter to worry.

The driving school instructor told me about the selfless actions of some of the drivers he had encountered that chose on their own to recognize that they could no longer drive safely. Rather than continue until something happened that forced them to stop or the Superintendent to revoke their driving privileges, they made this decision on their own.

To me this shows the wisdom and strength of character we expect from our elders. In both of these cases, I'm sure that families felt happiness and a sense of relief too.

From conversations I have had with others, I recognize the stress that results from the fear that mom or dad shouldn't be driving. The children realize that there is a problem but don't want to interfere in the lives of their parents.

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