VIEWPOINT - Failed my Road Test

SoapboxI am over 82 and have failed my first road test . However I hope with refresher lessons at driving school to do better next time.

My question is when were restricted licences stopped i.e. a particular area daytime only etc. Myself I am quite happy to have a licence for the local area for things like getting to the bank hairdresser and church and local stores. I find now I am taking lessons that a lot more is required apart from keeping the law on speeds and stuff I always try to obey.

I am a former ICBC employee from the inception of ICBC for 15 years,and a suggestion I would like to make apart from checking ones ability at 80 plus think a test be given to everyone more often at given ages, most people get their licence at 16 and from therein get bad habits which if they were to take a test more often would keep the percentage of crashes and etc. down.

Many of us over 80 are driving when they should not and checking is often necessary, but so are many under that age. We try to keep up to date and have been to seminars for older people but still it comes as a surprise how many rules we are breaking or got sloppy at when we are required to take a test when over 80. We should be taking life easy and not having to spend our pensions on driving help etc. when we are healthy and still able.


Learner's Licence

I think the idea behind the class 5L is to force a supervisor to be taken along. If you were issued a class 7N, there is really not much difference between that and the normal class 5. Of course you would not need the supervisor either. You would have to convince ICBC somehow as they are the licence issuing agency for BC.

Thank You

Thank you for your kind answer, I know many my age should be off the road but my husband is most critical and he and my daughter think I should able to keep it as long as I know what to watch as the saying goes I still have all my marbles , but I do use a cane and I have oxygen 24/7 which I know should not influence the examiner but do wonder because he made a lot about my driving at my age. Once I am settled behind the wheel I am fine to drive around locally at least which is all I do if it is a longer trip or am not sure where I am going I get another driver.


I received this email from ICBC I thought you might like the info in case anyone should ask, my neighbour has been out with me and I have taken another lesson with the school so I am going to make a date to take my second test.

Restricted driver licences are still used, however, not commonly issued. A driver's licence with restrictions such as time of day, maximum speeds, or distance, is issued at the discretion of the ICBC driver examiner who conducts the road test.

The Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles reviews driving records, police reports and reports submitted by concerned family members and friends. Based on information provided, many people under age 80 are called for road testing to evaluate their ability to drive.

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