4WDABC Off-Road Vehicle Training

4WDABC off-road vehicle LogoSet aside some time this year for the Wheeling Wisely courses being taught by the 4 Wheel Drive Association of BC. Their qualified instructors will take you through the basics and help make you comfortable in your off-road vehicle in a variety of common situations and obstacles.

Off-Road Vehicle Courses

There are currently three off-road vehicle courses being held by the 4WDABC held at various times throughout the coming year. Check the website for course dates.

The cost of each course is $125 and you must be a member of the association to attend. New memberships are available at a cost of $30.

Foundations of Four-Wheeling

In this day-long class, you will safely learn with our trained instructors in a controlled real-world environment. On-trail skills you’ll learn include how to pick a line, spotting, hill climbing and descent, off-camber (side-hill), and driving in different terrain conditions, to name a few.

Essentials of Off-Road Recovery

The day will start with a review of equipment commonly used in recovery, which will help you figure out what you need. We’ll also take you through the steps of the “stuck assessment 360” and show you how to use that information to formulate and execute a recovery plan.

Recovery for SoftRoaders

Based on Essentials of Off-Road Recovery, this modified class takes you through the basics of self-recovery, and gives you the ability to safely help a friend get out of that “sticky situation,” but with a specific focus on “softroader” vehicles.

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Thanks Tim!

March 26, as well as the Essentials of Off-Road Recovery course on the 27th, are actually sold out at this point. I believe there may be space left in November, and I know there are a couple slots open for Apex in September, if someone wants to make a road and camping trip out of it. We're coming to the Cowichan Lake area in April, Kamloops in May, and we're trying to set up dates for Prince George and the Kootenays this year as well.

We could honestly run these things weekly, they're so popular... but we're all volunteers and just don't have enough trainers to do that. With that in mind, we're planning a "Train the Trainer" course for sometime in the fall to expand our roster.

I've been involved in the Driver Training business here in BC since 1987, and it's always been evident that proper instruction on off-road techniques and properly operating AWD vehicles has been hard to find.

So it's no surprise that you're already finding yourselves overbooked. Keep the shiny side up!