ICBC - Introducing the Street Sense Interactive Driver Training Simulation

ICBC LogoICBC has introduced a new Street Sense driver training simulation. According to ICBC's description, Street Sense is a state-of-the-art hazard perception training application that helps you identify common hazards that can be easily missed when you're on the road.

Street Sense immerses you in driving scenarios that mimic real driving conditions in B.C. and gives you the chance to scan for and avoid hazards in a safe and controlled environment.

You can practice skills like turning left at a busy intersection, sharing the road with cyclists and staying out of large vehicles' blind spots.

You'll also learn why hazard perception is important and develop real-world skills to recognize and avoid driving hazards before they happen.​

Street Sense is available as either an Android or Apple app as well as a direct download for Windows based PCs. Steam is an alternative to the 1.6 GB PC download but requires a free user account.

Planned for the future is Street Sense for Oculus Quest and a browser based version.