VIDEO - How to Determine if it is Safe to Pass

VideoThe video explains when not to pass, when it's okay to pass, and how to determine if you have time to pass safely. There is one fault with it as it shows passing on the right after crossing over a solid white line. This pass would be illegal in British Columbia. Otherwise, the advice is worthwhile.


How to determine when it's safe to pass

During the video I noticed that no where it was mentioned to double check behind you as well for those who figure they HAVE TO BE FIRST. I've witnessed vehicles passing on a double solid when the passing lane is only metres away. That said I've seen idiots passing when they are not supposed to anytime or anywhere. There is one I don't think I'll ever forget. An Albertain on a BC highway was passing on a double solid in front of us and there was an on coming car. The on coming car HAD to go into his shoulder or be in an accident because of the IDIOT! Thank goodness the on coming was able to control his situation and not get sucked into the ditch etc.


An excellent point, thanks for making it.

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