RESOURCE - How to Determine the Legality of Lights

Driving LightsOf all the accessories purchased for our vehicles, lights and reflectors seem to be the most common. I've written about it frequently here on the site as many people's choices are based on "cool" instead of safe, proper and legal. The Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement web site has posted a link to a document that is a guide to the inspection and approval of lights and reflectors.

Before you spend money on new equipment for your vehicle you may wish to read this document. Just because the lights and reflectors are available for aftermarket purchase does not mean that they are legal and that you won't be charged and required to restore proper equipment after the change.


Inspection & approval protocol for vehicle lamps, lights, and reflectors (PDF)

I attempted to go through your inspection and protocol for vehicle lamps PDF but could not find anything about what I believe are called "driving lights" not headlights but those 2 other lights lower down on most new pickup trucks and SUV's. If I am correct having these lights on a few years ago in the evening was against the law. Driving lights were meant for daytime use only. Now it is common fair to have 4 lights coming at me nightly. 

Also can someone please explain to me why the use of the new blue lights can possibly be legal. Try and be in front of someone with these new lights tailgating you and tell me that is not harrazment. Even coming toward you these lights are blinding. How can this be legal?

I would greatly appreciate an answer to my queries.

                Jim Van Der Lee

The lights you are referring to are most likely fog lights, approaching certainty if they are factory installed. Fog lights may be used at any time on BC highways. Their use is governed by provincial law.

Transport Canada sets the standards for High Intensity Discharge lamps, which you are probably referring to. Unfortunately for us, blue tends to scatter more and cause glare issues.

Of course, there is also the possibility that the lights have been tinkered with by well meaning or uncaring vehicle owners. That's up to the police to solve.