HERGOTT LAW - Would Increasing Distracted Driving Penalties Actually Make the Problem Worse?

Hergott Law logoPaul Hergott is a personal injury lawyer that practices in Kelowna are regularly writes on road safety. His latest article examines what might happen when the government increases the penalties for distracted driving. The position that he takes is that this could increase the problem by driving everyone to switch to hands free technologies.



Distracted Driving

And there lies the biggest problem to begin this plight.  The “Gov’t” law makers who put the cart before the horse when ‘approving” hands free devices.  Now they have to tame their egos and retract that law, good luck with that! I’m a firm believer in absolutely NO devices while driving.  Period.  Zero tolerance.  Period.  We are turning out the worst aggressive drivers ever and their sense of entitlement is far from the ‘privilege’ to drive.  

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