NEWS - Active Transportation Design Guide

New BC LogoThe Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has released the British Columbia Active Transportation Design Guide. The Guide addresses human powered modes of transportation and focuses primarily on walking, cycling and rolling. However, it also addresses single person electric vehicles such as electric bicycles, scooters, Segways, skateboards and hoverboards.


When will we see amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act and various municipal bylaws to accomodate these ideas? Time will tell, but municipal streets of the future will likely be much different than what we have today when the Guide and laws are changed.

From the Guide:

The 2019 Edition of the Design Guide is a living document that will be updated to reflect evolving best practices and feedback from B.C. communities. MOTI encourages stakeholders across the province – including local and regional government staff, representatives of other government agencies, Indigenous communities, advocacy groups, professional associations, and academics – to review the Design Guide, apply it in real life, and provide feedback to help improve its contents.

If you have input about the BC Active Transportation Design Guide, or would like to discuss it further, please submit your feedback to