NEWS - BC Road Safety Strategy 2025

BC LogoRoadSafetyBC secured funding of $612,000 from Transport Canada's Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program for the BC Road Safety Revitalization Project. The project addresses address current and emerging road safety issues across the province, with wide-ranging and varied delivery locations.

Known as the BC Road Safety Strategy 2025, the framework is meant to have us all working together for the future of road safety. It will provide tools to make our roads safer and inspire us to make safe road choices. The strategy document can be downloaded as a 3.3 MB PDF document.

Aside from the new entry level training for class 1 drivers, the summary on the web site does not contain anything new at first glance. It promises

Education that addresses unsafe or careless behaviours can help inspire this change.

What is mentioned following that statement is pretty much what you already see or hear in the media today.

The pillars of the program are the pillars that have been present in the past.

Perhaps what is missing is a careful examination of what we have done prior to today and how it was either successful or not. The future is rosy, but only if we actually do something and accomplish it.