Should Government Revise Our New Impaired Driving Program?

MegaphoneOur new impaired driving penalties appear to be getting the word out: drinking and driving is not acceptable here in B.C. If you do and are caught, it will be a long road to travel in order to restore your driving privileges. So be it, you knew that there could be consequences when you turned the key.

Yes, this is hurting the alcoholic beverage industry. Restaurants and pubs are suffering from a significant loss in business as people are either staying home to do their drinking or are choosing to have only one drink with a meal or even not having an alcoholic drink at all. I'm sorry that you are hurting, but I would not for a minute lower the legislated blood alcohol or penalty levels.

The provincial government, as it should, looked at how the legislation was working and decided to review it. If I understand the news coverage correctly, the Solicitor General plans to expand the review process for drivers who made a mistake to insure that they have been dealt with fairly. Since the courts do not become involved in the first instance, this is a reasonable action to take.

If your life has been touched by the actions of an impaired driver I don't have to tell you to encourage our government to continue with their strong efforts to deter drinking and driving. If it hasn't, you have been blessed. I hope that the actions of government continue to insure your safety.

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Please note that there are two inaccuracies in this news article. Drivers in B.C. have been subject to legal sanctions for having a BAC over 50 mg% since 1977. What changed last year was the severity of the penalty. Also, some parts of the impaired driving legislation are mandatory for police, requiring them to take action. Imposition of penalties is only discretionary in some circumstances.


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I couldn't agree more.  The law makes more work for the cops but is having an effect on my friends who are drinkers.  If  there is drinking going on there are more designated drivers out there.  I think it is good law and the tourists may not like it but it keeps me safer.  Good article.

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If they want to soften it somewhat maybe take the vehicle away for 30 days might be enough.  The expense of the tow and storage might hit the pocket book enough.

Impaired Drivers

Hmmmm, wonder where the statistics are coming from? Because the restaurants and pub revenues are down? Think not!! I think it's because of our economic times.
I own a Designated Driver company...we frequent many pubs throughout the course of an evening. It is astonishing to see patrons who are very impaired get in their vehicles and drive away. Servers can only suggest an alternative ride home...ever tried reasoning with an impaired person who thinks he/she are invincible? Before they reach a certain level of consumption they are willing to use our service.
Are police preventing drinking and my opinion "NO"!! They skulk around pubs and night clubs waiting for patrons to get in their vehicles and then after the fact stop them. 'Camp outside the doors...patrons will not get in a vehicle in their presence!!!! I've seen and been involved in 'random' checks outside of drinking establishments...I'm thinking that a good number of stops are on sober or legal drivers, whilst the impaired drivers slip out the opposite way...seen it happen, it's hilarious and an insult to the intelligence of the police!!

It's Not as Easy as You Think

I used to sit in front of the door of the bar at night. You would see someone come out and you could almost read the "oh, cops!!" on their face as they went back inside. 20 minutes later, the same person would look out "still there!" and go back inside. After last call there would be a dozen idiots standing outside the door wondering who should get in and drive away. Of course, I grabbed the first one to leave and ended up dealing with an impaired driver. Also of course, the rest beat it and I missed the other 11 impaired drivers deserting the parking lot.

Never underestimate the stupidity of someone who has spent the evening drinking in the bar without a plan for a safe ride home.

The random checks might just find the other 11. There are a lot more drinking establishments than there are cops to watch the front doors. It's more a sorry tale of the intelligence of people who drink and drive than anything else.

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