Dealing With the Boom Boxes

Boom Box CarA very annoying problem we hear on the local roads are the numerous Boom Boxes playing at all hours of day or night. I think our noise by-law should be enforced, as we have enough noise pollution as it is without these ridiculous noise boxes waking us from our sleep. Can you enlighten me on the subject please?

I'm not sure that you will be surprised to find that the Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations don't deal with noise of this type from vehicles. It only prohibits noise from the engine, exhaust system or the braking system, or from the contact of the tires with the roadway. Police have to fall back on either a municipal bylaw or the Criminal Code when the issue gets out of hand.

No person shall make or cause any noise or sound on a highway or elsewhere within the corporate limits of the City which disturbs or tends to disturb the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort or convenience of the neighbourhood or of persons in the vicinity. This bylaw section from the Penticton allows police to issue a Municipal Ticket Information to violators in that city.

When there is no other legislation to utilize, the mischief section of the Criminal Code prohibits actions which obstruct, interrupt or interfere with the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property. I suspect that the disturbance would have to be significant to convince the Crown to proceed with a charge and the court to convict. A single boom box drive by would likely not qualify.

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I have to sympathize with the writer and we all have heard this noise in our lives. The racket coming from a enclosed car must pummel the ear drums something fierce.

Things You Don't Know

I've been told that noise like this can be really uncomfortable for people who use hearing aids.

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On your category of boom box or loud stereo from cars, we in Surrey also use the municipal bylaw. It states simply that if I can hear your music from outside your car it is too loud.

The sounds of summer

What's kind of stupid about a lot of these mega-bass stereo setups is that the vehicle passengers can't properly hear the sound because they're too close to it.  Whereas folks a few yards away certainly can.  And for some reason, those with the loudest car stereos inevitably have the worst taste in music.

On the bright side of things, it's only a bother around here if I'm in the front yard, washing the car or watering the lawn.  Which is fine, because I have a really good hose with lots of pressure behind it.  Nyuk, nyuk ... 

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