Dogs Don't Drive!

Dogs Dont DriveYour dog may be licenced, but it isn't a licence to drive a vehicle reminds a reader. This person was concerned about the number of human drivers that drive with their pets riding in a position that might interfere. They are correct, it's not a good idea, even with small animals.

A driver must not cause their vehicle to move on a highway if their control over them or their view to the front or sides is obstructed in any manner.

The large dog standing on the rear seat with head and shoulders out the driver's window is certainly a vision obstruction. How could you possibly make a proper shoulder check to the left? Similarly, a smaller dog on the lap could easily move into a position that would entangle it in the steering wheel, probably at the worst possible time.

We wouldn't think of doing this with our children anymore, why do it with a pet? Restraint harnesses are now available to protect your pet in case of a collision if you choose to use them. Keeping your furry friend safely out of your way would be an added bonus.

Oh, the same applies to human passengers. They must not occupy any position in the vehicle that would interfere with the driver's control over any of the vehicle's mechanisms.



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I totally understand the reasoning for making the use of electronic devices behind the wheel illegal, what I don’t understand is why is it not illegal for people to have their dogs on their laps while driving. There has been SO many times where I have been driving beside a person that has a pet on their lap. To me this is also a huge distraction also, what happens is that pet falls on the floor and impleads the driver from using the brakes or gas pedal. I think that the government should make it illegal to have pets in the front seat and they should be properly fastened in the back seat, just like a child!!!

Dog on Lap

Interesting that a dog on the lap while assisting the driver-isn't distracted driving. Quite amazed that some drive wirh Tim Hortons coffee in one hand and dog on lap . Are both hands required to be on the steering wheel?


There is nothing in the Motor Vehicle Act that says specifically both hands must be used on the steering wheel.

Not just the Motor Vehicle Act

The standards for ICBC Road Tests are also different; a new driver applying for a Class 7 license, for instance, is expected to have both hands on the wheel except as necessary to operate other controls.  

Whereas a Class 5 driver - might be someone from another non-reciprocal jurisdiction, or a senior taking a Re-Exam - is granted more leeway.

Interesting that a dog on the lap while assisting the driver-isn't distracted driving.

Would be hard to prove in court that the dog distracted the driver, unless it was licking his face at the time ... besides, as mentioned above, Section 195 has it covered.

Of course, in order for the police to issue tickets, they would need to focus on dog owners instead of speeders, and this might not go over so well with the general public ...


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