Limited Speed Motorcycles

Limited Speed MotorcycleDoes the price at the pump have you thinking economy? If so, you are not alone. One reader has asked about limited speed motorcycles. They have heard that you can ride one with a regular driver's licence and don't have to get a class six.

This reader has the correct advice. You can ride a limited speed motorcycle with a class five or seven licence, an approved motorcyle helmet and proper licence plate and insurance. Since these machines have small displacement motors, you will also save on fuel costs if you don't mind riding in the weather.

Just what qualifies as a limited speed motorcyle you ask? It must meet all of the following criteria:

  • A motor displacing less than 50 or a power source that produces less than 1.5 Kw
  • An automatic transmission
  • A maximum speed on level ground of 70 km/h
  • A maximum weight, excluding fuel or batteries, of 95 kg
  • Wheels with a diameter of 254 mm or more

Still interested? Before you buy one and take off on an adventure, I strongly suggest that you consider driving lessons. Did you know that above a certain speed pushing on the right side of the handlebars will cause a right turn and vice versa? It is not just a big bicycle and can cause serious problems for the untrained.