VIDEO - Bugs (The Norwegian Motorcycle Union)

VideoWe are small, but we are not bugs! is a video produced by the Norwegian Motorcycle Union. It highlights the fact that 8 out of 10 collisions occur when the driver of the other vehicle involved failed to see the motorcycle.

Riding is a great sport.  I did it for 64 years before mobility issues said to stop.  The early days gave me some painful lessons too.  New riders today have the benefit of Riding Schools where, if they listen and absorb, they can avoid some of the more nasty ones.

Yesterday, a woman rider from Maple Ridge organised a ride to a Chinese Restaurant in Abbotsford.  About 14 riders attended for a great meal and a lot of laughs.  Tragically, on the way home on the West side of Mission, she was cut off by a driver in a one-headlight, decthe repit car, who fled the scene. A face plant on the pavement, she went into cardiac arrest.  An emergency helicopter ride to Royal Columbian Hospital failed to save her. Another couple immediately behind her, also went down and sustained some injuries. Literally hundreds of the group members are in shock this morning.

Was it a "failure to see"? Who knows? But the statistics from not only here but around the world, say that 75% to 80% of the car/motorcycle crashes are the car driver's fault in failing to "see" the motorcyclist. In a conversation with an RCMP member friend (Ex Motorcycle Squad) a few years ago, I was discussing this fact. His response was, "Motion Induced Blindness .... Google it."