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Golf CartMy friends are calling me a fool for buying license and insurance for my golf cart to operate it across the road. They don't license and insure their golf carts, and think I am wasting my money laments a reader.

Contrary to what his friends might believe, this reader is a wise person. He is protecting himself against civil liability in case of a collision and is following the law. A golf cart is a motor vehicle as defined in the Motor Vehicle Act. This means that in order to be on a highway the golf cart must be licensed, insured and displaying number plates. If two plates are issued, one must be on the front and one on the rear. In addition, it must weigh less than 815 kg GVW, have at least 3 wheels and may not have more than 4 occupants.

A highway is the area on either side of the roadway center right up to the property line on both sides. Golf carts may only be operated to cross a highway from one part of a golf course to another part of the same golf course. There is one exception to this, and that is when the golf cart is operated on an island that is not accessible by a bridge or scheduled ferry service and the highway has a posted speed of 20 km/h or less. If you are lucky enough to live on one of these islands, the local police may issue permits for golf cart operation along the highway and specify limitations and conditions of operation in the permits.

The golf cart must meet the requirements for brakes and mufflers, must have reflectors, a horn, a rearview mirror and turn signals. If operated at night, must be equipped with one or two headlamps at the front and a tail lamp at the rear.



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Can you get a license for a golf cart that is used for commercial purposes? Examples would be during special events and fundraising on crown, public and private property?

A: If the Ministry of Transportation will grant you exemption from these rules by permit for the special event then it is possible, but in general the answer would be no to any use other than what is mentioned in the column and operation on private property with the permission of the property owner.

Golf Cart use in golf course parking lot

Does someone have the answers to these two questions relating to golf course cart use?

1.  Can an uninsured golf cart be driven in a public golf course parking lot?  The golf course parking lot is not fenced and the lot is open to the public to use.

2.  If the public golf course restricted access to the public golf course parking lot (i.e. fencing and gates) would this then mean that the parking lot is now private property and thus the golf carts can be used in the golf course parking lot?



You are correct Jim, if the parking lot were closed to the public then it would be considered private property and you could use the golf cart there without worry.

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