How Far Away do I Park?

Measuring TapeI received a request from a gentleman who wanted others to know how far away drivers have to park from roadside features. He has a problem with people parking across the end of his driveway rather than keeping their distance and is hoping that a reminder to other drivers might solve it. Is your measuring tape ready?

You cannot park in the following places: on a sidewalk or boulevard, in front of a driveway, in an intersection unless permitted by a sign, on a crosswalk, bridge, elevated roadway or in a tunnel, contrary to a sign, on the roadway side of a vehicle already parked, or on a highway for the purpose of advertising or selling.

You cannot park within 5 metres of a fire hydrant.

You must not park within 6 metres of: the approach side of a crosswalk, the approach to a flashing beacon, stop sign, or traffic control signal, the entrance or exit of a hotel, theatre, public meeting place, dance hall, fire hall, or playground in a rural area.

You cannot park within 15 metres of a railroad crossing.

Of course, if you must park somewhere forbidden due to a breakdown, a note on the car and a word to the property owner goes a long way to avoid misunderstandings.

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Submitted by E-mail

I'm glad you have addressed this issue.
There are several landscaping companies in Qualicum Beach that park their trucks on the roadway blocking the lane almost completely. One in particular does this just after (or before depending on travel) a sharp corner on Hoy Lake road. 
This morning i had to pull out into the left side of the road just before the corner to get by this truck and trailer. I'm thinking there must be a law against parking right on the roadway and in particular in such a dangerous location.
THe other issue that comes to mind is the sidewalk which in our area is a painted white line. Along the old highway by the beach in Qualicum, traffic will block this sidewalk completely forcing cyclists (like me) to be on the road between the parked vehicles and traffic and always very much on the lookout for someone opening their doors.
Last but not least, due to the neighbourhood and area we have an elderly population and for some it is difficult for them to walk to the mailbox. They park on the roadway in front of the mailbox, again blocking traffic and not putting on a signal or hazard light. I don't mind waiting for a few moments but that is not always the case and waiting on the roadway always leaves one open to someone not paying attention to run into the rear end.

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