READING - Vision Zero Canadian Landscape 2.0: Successes and Opportunities

Vision Zero CanadaParachute Canada has released the eighth in a series of publications titled "Vision Zero Canadian Landscape 2.0: Successes and Opportunities." Pages 11 to 18 outline B.C.'s approach to Vision Zero and contains an interview with Colleen Hildebrandt, Outreach Manager, Road Safety Strategy, Policy & Strategic Initiatives Branch, RoadSafetyBC and Erin Anderson, Senior Manager, Road Safety Strategy and Stakeholder Relations, RoadSafetyBC.

The one piece of advice delivered in the interview is "... to bring multiple partners and experts together to solve road safety concerns in your area to create an approach catered to your jurisdiction."

I'm curious to know if you aware of how your community is dealing with local concerns and are you able to provide any input to identify and help solve them. If you would like to share your experience I will post it here.

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