RESOURCE - Developing a School Traffic Safety Program

School Crossing GuardYes, it's time to consider going back to school again this year. Will it be safe for our children to go to and from school each day?

Somewhere in British Columbia an unsafe situation will be identified and someone will try to do something about it. Understanding what traffic engineers will consider may significantly increase the chances of successfully implementing a change.

Mike Spack of Spack Consulting has created a reference to the 7 components of an Effective School Safety Plan that will help you understand and present what is important to consider in an organized campaign for improvement.

Links to Each of the 7 Components of an Effective School Safety Plan:

  1. Documenting Existing Transportation Systems at Schools
  2. Minimizing Vehicle and Student Interaction – A Look at Loading Zones
  3. Minimizing the Impacts of School Traffic
  4. Increasing Student Visibility in School Zones
  5. Slowing Down Traffic in School Zones
  6. Controlling Arrivals and Departures at Schools
  7. Traffic Safety Education for Students

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