Operation of Unlicensed Motor Vehicles

ATVIf it has a motor, gasoline or electric, and you operate it on a highway, chances are you need a driver's licence and the vehicle will need licence and insurance. There are very few exceptions to this rule that would allow an unlicensed vehicle on the road.

While it may be convenient to take your quad to the community mailboxes instead of walking or driving your lawn tractor around the block because you cannot easily drive between the upper and lower parts of your yard it could be an expensive trip in the wrong circumstances.

Unlicensed Off Road Vehicles

The same applies to your favourite off road vehicle. It may be convenient to ride to the nearest off road area rather than loading it onto a trailer or into the back of a pickup truck for the trip, but again, no licence and insurance will mean trouble eventually.

Turning a blind eye while you child does this will not help you escape liability either.

Evading the Police

You may think that because police vehicles cannot easily go off road, the smart thing to do is to put the pedal to the metal and disappear. If you can't be caught, you can't be charged, right? Perhaps, but if you are eventually tracked down, you add more serious Criminal Code or Motor Vehicle Act charges to the mix and significantly reduce the chances of being dealt with lightly.

No Insurance Coverage Risks

Do you have a healthy bank account? What are your financial plans for your future? Cause a collision without insurance coverage and you may be paying that price for the rest of your life. Empty that bank account and scrap those future plans as the bills can be big ones.

Can't or won't pay? ICBC may refuse to issue or renew a driver's licence or licence plates. You may also be prohibited from driving until the judgment is satisfied.

Common Penalties

What happens if you do the right thing and pull over after being caught in these circumstances? There are a variety of offences that an officer may choose to write a ticket for. No vehicle licence, no driver's licence and no insurance are the most likely to be chosen.

Currently, the ticketed amounts are $109, $276 and $598 respectively.

Possibility of Arrest

There is a small risk of being arrested on the spot for operating an uninsured vehicle.

Towing Unlicensed Vehicles

Unattended, unlicensed vehicles on a highway are also subject to being towed away. However, if there is no other reason to tow your vehicle and you are willing to wait with it until family or friends show up with a pickup or suitable trailer you can use that to move the vehicle off the highway instead of being towed.

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I've read: http://www.icbc.com/vehicle-registration/specialty-vehicles/Low-powered-vehicles/Pages/Default.aspx and see where some vehicles are exempt from insurance. Be that as it may, without liability insurance you expose yourself to destitution.

In BC, ICBC is the only game in town to obtain liability insurance.  A scary scenario that we see every day in shopping malls is a cussed old guy with an attitude in an electric wheelchair. Aside from the attitude, what about the ability to properly control the thing? Getting clipped by one of these missles can easily result in a serious fall, broken bones or worse. And who do you sue? The old person may well have little or no assets.

I've asked a few ICBC brokers about this but not gotten a straight answer. Some said that it would come under a person's home ownership policy. But no answer about renters.

Even riding an electric or pedal bicycle, if you hit someone you could be sued. If ICBC won't sell you a liability policy, are you not hooped?

Think about it.

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If the person responsible for causing the crash is uninsured and does not have sufficient assets to cover damages, the victim loses too.