School Crossing Guards

school crossing guardThe crossing guard is taking on a big responsibility when it comes to helping our children cross busy highways and intersections on their way to and from school each day. Traffic is in a hurry, the children don't always pay the attention that they should and sometimes the road conditions are poor or visibility is not good. It is not a job to be taken lightly! The system works well, except when someone disobeys.

Section 179 of the Motor Vehicle Act requires that motorists, cyclists and pedestrians obey the instructions of an adult school crossing guard, or students acting as a member of a traffic patrol where the guards or students are provided for under the School Act or authorized by the Chief of Police of a municipality. Failure to obey may result in a traffic ticket with a ticketed amount of $167.00 for all and 3 penalty points if you are a driver.

In 2005, the most recent year of collision statistics published by ICBC, there were 85 injury and no fatal collisions associated with traffic control by a police officer, flag person or school crossing guard. While this was only a small fraction of the 1,825 total pedestrian involved injury collisions that year it is still 85 too many.

Please accept that the crossing guard is there to help us all reduce that total and follow their instructions carefully.

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I don't really have a question, rather a few points I like to mention here. I am a professional class 1 driver for more than 20 years and I have a driver's license since 1958. I had no accidents where I was at fault and enjoy the highest discount from ICBC. I live near a school that has a guarded cross walk and many times I have wondered, how long it will take for an accident to happen. Don't get me wrong, I do not have a problem with school zones or with the speed limits, I have a problem with the way some of those guards are doing their jobs. Some seem to be on a ego or power trip when they use their stop signs. And we do not educate our kids if they can basically just walk right out onto the street the instant they reach the curb. If there is an intersection with lights, they have to wait for green, like everybody else. So why is it, that those guards can almost jump out onto the road and waive that sign ? Two or five or ten cars have to stop, so two students can walk across, like right now ?

My other point has to do with driver's who are going to fast in a school zone. Believe it or not, whenever I see a car going too fast, 9 out of 10 times it's a female driver ( possibly even a mother ). One that would screem and yell if anything would ever happen to one of her children. Why ?

Those schoolchildren will be part of our traffic in just a few years and it would only help if we would teach them the right thing as early as possible.

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