Business Vehicles

Commercial TruckAdvertising is a concern for all businesses. It is meant to draw attention to the business and encourage customers to visit and spend their money on the products and services offered. Many businesses take advantage of company vehicles to act as a moving billboard by placing graphics on the outside. What kind of advertising is your business vehicle doing?

Do the management and employees practice safe and defensive driving techniques when they are behind the wheel? As a consumer, when I see the front of XYZ Company's truck a meter off of my back bumper while I am travelling at the speed limit, I am certainly going to think twice about patronizing that business. If they care so little about me, why should I bring my business to them?

Poor driving practices hurt the company financially in many other ways as well. Potential financial losses may include removal of a safe driving discount on insurance, down time for the vehicle and possibly the employee and Worker's Compensation premium increases. It all affects the bottom line negatively.

A proactive company, regardless of it's size, can take steps to put it best wheel forward in traffic. Programs such as Road Safety at Work offer ways to promote safe driving and reduce losses caused by poor driving habits and attitudes. Your employees will learn about driver fatigue, speeding, managing emotions and aggressive driving, distracted driving, weather related issues and animal hazards.

Showing your potential customers and your employees that you care for their safety will pay big benefits. Can you afford not to invest in a safety program?

Even After Being pointed out by Me and the Government (WorkSafe BC)  

The Company I worked for is more concerned with making money than any kind of Safety,,For Staff or for the Public. I even pointed out to the Owner the Benifits of having no tickets or Colisions,would save money on Insurance and keep the Nation Safety Code good.I also pointed out the extreme dangers of distracted driving to the owner,,and all I recived for trying to make thing safer for ALL,Was the Owner Fired me to save himself money,,keeping me would have meant fixing these problems,and that would Cost Him MONEY.

So YES the Company Can Afford to have NO Safety in PLACE.(According to the OWNER)