CASE LAW - Bhullar v ICBC

BC Courts Coat of ArmsA car owner is not successful in a claim against ICBC for a total loss of their vehicle. The court finds that the owner made misrepresentation to the corporation about who actually owned and was the principal operator of the vehicle and was then involved in the theft and burning of it.

RESEARCH - Driving While Ill is Impairing

Lloyd's TSB LogoLloyd's TSB Insurance commissioned a study that suggests driving with a cold or the flu can impair a driver by up to 11%, comparable to having consumed a double of hard liquor. A single sneeze lasts about 2 seconds, during which the driver's eyes are closed. At a speed of 80 km/h this will mean a travel distance of almost 45 meters.

The Sun Gets in Your Eyes

SunThis is a dangerous time of year for my morning commute. The sun is just above the horizon and in four locations I am looking directly into it while I drive. Even with my visor down and one hand up to block the reflection from the hood, it is still very difficult to see ahead of me.

RESOURCE - Child Restraint Public and Consumer Information Notices

Transport Canada New LogoTransport Canada publishes two types of notices with regard to child restraints on their web site. A Public Notice is issued when products do not comply with safety standards or are defective and a Consumer Information Notice is issued when there is a general problem with a restraint that does not relate to compliance or defect.

VIEWPOINT - Moving Toward a Culture of Safety

Texas Transportation Institute LogoI couldn't have said it better myself! This short article by Dr. Robert Quinn Bracket explains that the conventional wisdom of emergency medical measures, engineering and enforcement can only go so far in the reduction of crash related trauma. Until we all embrace a culture of traffic safety rather than one of acceptable risk, there will no longer be significant gains in harm reduction.

Vehicles of Unusual Size, Weight or Operating Characteristics

Restricted PlateHave you ever wanted to drive your special purpose utility vehicle on the highway but were prevented because it could not be licensed and insured? Effective February 1, 2009 Division 24 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations was amended to broaden the type or utility vehicle and their areas of operation.

RESEARCH - Criminals and Road Safety

MUARC LogoResearchers at the Monash University Accident Research Center (MUARC) have looked at the relationship between the criminal activity of individuals and the potential for their involvement in fatal or serious injury collisions. Not surprisingly, they found that those who engage in anti-social behaviour are also likely to exhibit risky driving behaviour.


CASE LAW - R v Chisholm

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis is a tragic case where a rear end collision resulted in the death of a taxi driver and severe burns to his passenger when the taxi caught fire post collision. The events that led up to the taxi being rear ended are no doubt common in every day traffic here in British Columbia, but in this case did not end in a near miss.