VIDEO - Staying in Mantrol

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Stay in Mantrol is an anti-speed campaign from the New Zealand Transport Agency. The following quote from their web site summarizes the campaign:

These lads are not boy racers. They're not driving deliberately recklessly – they've just grown comfortable with speed and they don't see any issue with going a little faster than others.

Guys naturally want to find out how much they can handle and where their limits are. These guys know they can 'handle' speed, and even if they get into strife they believe they're good enough to get themselves out of it.

Our intention is not to point the finger at these guys for driving badly, but to point out how to drive well – to explain the difference between a 'good' and a 'great' driver.

This campaign gives young guys an alibi to slow down. Part of being really good at anything is knowing when to dial things up and when to dial things down. Being a 'great' driver is knowing when to pull back to account for the conditions you can't control eg hills, bends, weather, other drivers etc.

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