CASE LAW - Russell v Christopherson

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Russell v Christopherson arose from a collision that occurred on the Trans-Canada Highway near Kamloops. Both drivers entered the Trans Canada Highway eastbound at the Pineview entrance and began to establish themselves in traffic, moving toward the left lane.

Ms. Russell reached the left lane before Ms. Christopherson did and was overtaking the Christopherson vehicle which was in the centre lane. Ms. Christopherson attempted to change lanes to the left so that she would not be following behind a heavy tank truck. She did not see the Russell vehicle as she began her lane change.

Ms. Russell took evasive action, lost control of her vehicle and overturned. Ms. Christopherson stopped and returned to the scene as she believed her actions played a role in the crash.

In establishing liability for the collision, Justice Jackson examines the Motor Vehicle Act requirements for changing lanes.