CASE LAW - Singh v British Columbia

BC Courts Coat of ArmsOn September 12, 2007, the plaintiff, Mr. Prem Singh, was travelling northbound on Scott Road (also known as 120th Street) in Surrey, B.C.  Mr. Singh approached the intersection at 96th Avenue. The traffic light was green for Mr. Singh.  As Mr. Singh went through the intersection, he hit a westbound RCMP vehicle driven by Constable Kerri Parrish who was responding to an emergency call of a man with a knife threatening to stab a child.

Madam Justice Adair examines the circumstances for liability and finds Mr. Singh at fault. Even though the traffic light was green for his direction of travel, he did not have the right of way to enter the intersection. This case examines how the Motor Vehicle Act and Emergency Vehicle Driving Regulation established Constable Parrish's right of way in this situation.


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