VIEWPOINT - The Circle Check

SoapboxI would like to share this story with you about what happened to me last weekend.

There was a wedding and I was supplying the sound system. I had my SUV loaded with music gear and unloaded for the wedding and then parked out on the road. After the wedding at 2 AM I went to get my vehicle which was parked about a block away. I needed to drive it back into the reception area to load up my equipment. By chance, my son’s fiancé was walking out of the wedding as well and as I was giving the two of them a ride home I asked if she wanted to jump into my vehicle with me and wait there while I loaded in the equipment. More just for the convenience than anything.

We walked the block to the vehicle and then as I was parked relatively close to the ditch she went to get in on the driver side passenger door; I said for her to jump in the front. She agreed and walked around the front of the vehicle thereby tripping over a young female wedding guest who was passed out. I couldn’t possibly have seen her as she was lying almost under my bumper with her head under the left front wheel.

If I would have driven forward I would surely have driven over her head and neck. I was shaking and so thankful we had discovered her. She was breathing very deeply and extremely hard to get up and to safety. My knees were shaking and I literally thanked God.

I’m not a consumer of alcohol so obviously don’t drink and drive but shudder to think of all the what ifs. I really don’t know if there is some kind of defensive driving that can address this type of issue? Man I am thankful.

Here's a video featuring Scott Marshall of Young Drivers of Canada. He recommends doing a circle check of your vehicle before you get in and drive away every time you use your vehicle. Most of us don't do this, but your story shows that one time in a million when it would have been really worth while!