Q&A - 4 Wheeler Gripe

Q&A ImageI'm a semi truck driver and I've been cut off so many times by passenger vehicles racing around me to take an off ramp. They pull in front and hit their brakes. It's been close a couple times to the point I'm going to buy a dashcam to protect myself.

I know if any driver rear ends another it's the one that hits from behind thats is found at fault. How would this play out if I at some point unable to stop quick enough? Most drivers don't realize 60,000 lbs. does not stop on a dime.



I think you will find that if a rear end collision results under circumstances like these the courts are going to find the smaller vehicle at fault. That driver chose to put you in a situation that you could not control or prevent, not vice versa!

Typically a fully loaded heavy commercial vehicle can have a little as 50% of the braking capacity of a car or light truck. Knowing that, it is crazy to get in front of one and brake without leaving sufficient distance.

Travel Trailer

Ive had the same thing happen to me pulling our trailer, some driver will pull around you then jam on the brakes to make right hand turn!

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