Questions from site visitors answered.

Ruts in the Pavement

Q&A ImageI commute on Highway 19 daily. The road has been maintained by filling the cracks with tar rather than repaving it. In the wet weather what I'm seeing is the ruts (worn into the driven part) in the right lane are holding up to 20 mm of standing water sometimes for hundreds of meters at a time.

Q&A - Parking Distance From a Bus Stop

Q&A ImageQuestion: I am a driving student, and I am interested to know what the law is with respect to parking near a bus stop. Sometimes there is a bus stop sign as well as a "no stopping before this point" sign about 5 meters after. Other times there is only the bus stop sign. In the latter case, how much space must legally be left between the rear of your car and the bus stop sign?

Unlicensed Vehicle Off Strata Road

image of sign identifying strata roadQuestion: Our strata road is about a mile long and we have our own pickup truck rigged up for snow plowing. The vehicle is not licensed as the intent is for use solely on our posted private road. However, I have come to learn that the operator, as a favour to neighbours outside our strata, has taken to plowing some of the public road, an area rarely addressed on a timely basis by the road maintenance contractor.