Q&A - Over Height Permits for Commercial Vehicles

Question: Measuring TapeCan anyone tell me what is the maximum vehicle / load height is that I can get an oversize permit for?


If you're really going out of the ordinary, a special oversize permit will be required.

If you're just looking at general permits for oversize, then you will find a list of T forms for various oversize loads here.

Chapter 5 of the B.C. ​Commercial Transport Procedures Manual explains all Specialized Vehicle Size and Weight Guidelines and Permits.

What the heck are you planning to move? A house?

This might be a good place to start, I think.

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I am the manager of a towing outfit and we hav just added a landall to the fleet. I am cocerned about hauling greyhound busses and class A diesel pusher motorhomes and the heights that we may reach with them

lol no not moving a house, I am the manager of a towing outfit in BC and we have just added a landall to the fleet, and im conserned about hauling greyhound busses as we hold there contract and diesel pusher class A motorhomes.